Basketball Saskatchewan Return to Sport

List of Sanctioned Organizations

Latest Update: May 25th, 2021

The Government of Saskatchewan announced a number of items on May 25th regarding Outdoor Sport Guidelines in Saskatchewan. These new guidelines will go into effect on May 30th and will have the following impacts on Outdoor Basketball in Saskatchewan:

  • Contact training and competition will now be permitted (Tournaments still not permitted)
  • Interprovincial Travel for Training/Competition is not permitted (Leaving the province Or having participants come from another province)
  • No shared water bottles between Participants/Coaches/Spectators
  • Basketball’s must be disinfected multiple times throughout an on-court session
  • Masks will not be required to be worn by Participants or Coaches during on-court sessions; Mask use is still recommended when sitting on sidelines or not participating
  • Contact Tracing must still be completed for all In-Person Training/Competition; If someone is feeling unwell they should not participate
  • Spectators are allowed but must maintain 2 metres distance between all Participants and fellow Spectators; No mask required


Based on the lifting of the restrictions for outdoors and the anticipated lifting of indoor restrictions in a few weeks, BSI will no longer require member organizations to submit Return to Play plans for sanctioning. Please note that Covid-19 is still under the Pandemic Exclusion clause in our insurance packet and that we continue to not have any coverage specific to it. However with the lifting of the majority of restrictions caused by Covid-19, navigating the final few restrictions is a significantly clearer pathway that our members can take ownership of understanding and implementing what they are required to.   We will continue to provide updates as information comes out, will keep a modified Return to Sport page on our website dedicated to resources for dealing with Covid 19, and are more than happy to answer any questions you might have as you continue to deliver your programs. If for some reason a significant tightening of restrictions happens in the future we will re-assess at that point if a Return to Sport plan is necessary for sanctioning.

Basketball Saskatchewan Return to Sport Plan – Version 3.1 November 25th 2020

Canada Basketball Return to Sport Plan – Version 1.1 June 25th 2020

Documents for Sanctioning

Risk Assessment and Management Tool – This document gets submitted to BSI for Sanctioning
Safety and Outbreak Plan Considerations
Leagues and Competitions
CBOC Guidelines for Officials 


Government Resources
ReOpen Saskatchewan Plan
Government of Saskatchewan Phase 3 Outline
Government of Saskatchewan Phase 4 Outline
Government of Saskatchewan COVID-19
Health Canada

COVID-19 Health Resources
What is COVID-19?
Self Assessment Tool
Self Monitoring Tool
Hand Washing Video for Children

Organization Considerations for COVID-19
Maintaining Safe Sport During COVID-19
Safe Workplace Information
Managing your Sport Organization Through COVID-19
Adult Waiver Form – please note this is a sample PDF, we will provide each member with one specific to their organization if requested
Youth Assumption of Risk Form – please note this is a sample PDF, we will provide each member with one specific to their organization if requested
Declaration of Compliance Form
Contact Tracing Document

Facility Usage Resources
Guidelines for Indoor Facility Usage (Canada Basketball)
Environment Cleaning and Disinfecting Guidelines (Government of Saskatchewan)
Disinfecting Surfaces and Hand Sanitizers (Government of Canada)
Risk Mitigation Tool for Outdoor Activities
Calculating the Number and Category of People Allowed At A Venue
Diagrams to Demonstrate Social Distancing on a Court

Sample Training Drills for BSI Return to Sport Phase 1

Old Versions of Return to Sport Plan

Basketball Saskatchewan Return to Sport Plan – Version 1.3 June 17th 2020

Canada Basketball Return to Sport Plan – Version 1 June 16th 2020