SBOC Education

The Saskatchewan Basketball Officials Commission (SBOC) is working with our National Governing Body (CBOC) to ensure that officials in our province have access to the standardized certification system (NOCP) that allows officials to maintain accreditation across the country. In addition to the NOCP, we offer opportunities for communities or organizations to host clinics that provide supplemental knowledge to the NOCP.  Examples of these clinics are: Intro to Officiating for Youth Officials, Rules Refresher Clinics, and IOT’s clinics.

If you are interested in finding out more about the NOCP or our supplemental offerings please contact our Director of Education, Dale Reed at

If you are a current Level 1 or Higher official interested in setting up an evaluation in order to move through the levels within the NOCP, please contact our Director of Advancement, Brad Smith.

SBOC Officials Clinics for the 2021-2022 Basketball Season

The Saskatchewan Basketball Officials Commission (SBOC) has set up the following basketball referee clinics for the start of the upcoming basketball season:

Date: Location: Type: Open/Closed: Start Time: Contact to Register: Email:
Nov. 12 Campbell Collegiate, Regina New Officials Closed 9:00am Aaron Anderson
Nov. 20 Yorkton Regional HS Refresher Open 1:00pm Evan Rostotski
Nov. 21 Peacock Collegiate

(Rm 210) Moose Jaw

Refresher Open 7:00pm Brendan Fedoski
Nov. 22 Humboldt High School Refresher Open 6:45pm Brian Grest
Nov. 24 VCA, Osler Refresher Open 7:00pm Myles Loeffler
Nov. 24 Miller Comp HS – Regina New Officials Closed 7:30pm Michael Champion
Nov. 27 Saskatoon (TBA) New Officials Open 7:00pm Mitch Strom
Nov. 29 Kindersley High School Refresher Open 7:00pm Phil Guebert
Nov. 30 Peacock Collegiate.

Room 210 Moose Jaw

New Official

(Pre-register Pls)

Open 6:00pm Martin Holzer



Nov. 30 Tisdale High School Refresher Open 6:30pm Graham Comfort 
Dec. 1 Outlook High School Refresher Open 6:45pm Phil Guebert 
Dec. 1 Weyburn Comp. HS

(Rm 106)

Refresher Open 6:00pm Jody Kerr
Dec. 4 Creighton School New/Refresher Open 12:00pm Jennifer Johnsgaard
Dec. 5 Virtual Clinic Refresher Open 7:30pm Michael Champion
Dec. 6 Wynyard High School Refresher Open 7:00pm Brian Grest
Dec. 7 Wilke High School Refresher Open 7:00pm Graeme Gieni 
Dec. 8 Churchill HS, LaRonge Refresher Open 4:00pm Ryan Karakochuk 
Dec. 8 OM Irwin School Refresher Open 6:00pm Tyson Krause
Dec. 9 Assiniboia Elementary School Refresher Open 6:30 pm Al Wandler
Dec. 12 McNaughton High School, Moosomin New Officials Open 1:00pm Margie Gibson
Dec. 15 Bert Fox Community High School, Ft. Qu’Appelle New Officials Open 3:45 pm Elizabeth Ingram
Dec. 16 Kipling School New Officials Open 3:45 pm Garth Shoemaker
Jan. TBD Notre Dame High School, Wilcox New Officials Open TBD Bob Baumuller



Type of Clinic

  1. New – the clinic will be set up to provide foundational knowledge and skills for new officials wanting to start their basketball officiating career, or for an inexperienced official wanting to refresh their understanding of basketball officiating. This clinic typically covers the rules, their interpretations, and the floor mechanics. It may involve some on-floor officiating in scrimmage games.
  2. Refresher – the clinic will provide newer and experienced officials a refresher on key rules and mechanics and review any new rules and mechanics FIBA has instituted. There will be a classroom session and may include an on-floor review of key mechanics. There may also be a review of possible questions for the exam preparation.


  1. Open – refers to a clinic with the allowance of all individuals wanting to begin or continue to officiate basketball within Saskatchewan. Conditions, such as vaccination requirements may be instituted for one’s attendance at a clinic.
  2. Closed – refers to a clinic limiting its attendance to a specific group of attendees. A specific group of attendees are marked for this particular clinic.