SNYB/Jr. NBA – General Q&As

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Player Development

  1. Why do grades 3 & 4 play 3 on 3 and grades 5 & 6 play 4 on 4?
    SNYB focuses the development of the players in steps. Basketball is a complicated game and children need to start with basics and progress over time. See the developmental chart showing the progression.
  2. Why are screens not allowed?
    There are several developmental reasons to not allow screens:

    • Players start to depend on the screen to get open and don’t learn other skills
    • Screens promote a 2 man offense and other players may not be involved in the game
    • Preparing players to make offensive decisions is an important skill, screens can be added in grade 7.
    • The focus is on man to man defense with help; adding screens is confusing and there are many ways to defend screens that they’re not ready for.


  1. Could there be more one on one at practices?
    One on one time is certainly recommended but is very difficult with one coach.  More coaches are needed so If you can help or know someone who can, please volunteer.
  2. Can there be more practices?
    Additional gym space is not available in most communities.  Coaches may be able to schedule the occasional extra practice by working with their coordinator.
  3. Could there be exhibition games set up prior to the tournament?
    This is up to the coach or manager to organize.  We recommend that no exhibition games be set up until at least 5 practices have taken place and none for the grades 1 & 2.  The SNYB Community page on lists all Community Coordinators who can provide contact information for the appropriate coaches.  


  1. Why can’t the tournament schedules be provided sooner?
    The tournament coordinators ask the community coordinators and coaches to confirm their teams for the tournament who in turn try to get commitment from the parents.  Everyone has to provide this commitment in a timely manner so the schedule can be made up, with no changes.
  2. Should players play equal time at the tournament?
    Yes, that’s one of the rules of the tournament.  If the team doesn’t have an equal number for shifts, there will be players that get an extra shift.  Coaches are provided with a rotation sheet to help monitor shifts and to keep them equal.
  3. Why is the officiating inconsistent?
    Our goals include the development of players, coaches and “officials”.  The tournament coordinators work with the officials.  Calling every travel or double dribble makes the game very slow.  Officials may call a tighter game for players with a higher skill level to help develop the players. Officials are asked to explain the infraction to the players especially in the grade 3 & 4 age divisions. Calling fouls is very important for the player’s development including both the player fouling and the player being fouled.  We continually work to improve the consistency of our officials.
    Please support our officials or there may not be any in the future.
  4. Why do some gyms have very little seating and room outside of the gym?
    At most schools, we only have access to a portion of the school.  The tournament coordinators investigate how they may be able to provide seating.  This means that volunteers may be needed to help set up and take down the gyms.  Remember they are running several schools and can’t do everything, so please help where you can.
  5. Could there be concessions at the schools?
    This depends on the rules of the school and availability of an organization to run the concession.  If you have a group that would be interested in running a concession as a fundraiser, contact your tournament coordinator.
  6. It’s difficult to watch your children when you have them in different age groups.
    Scheduling is not an easy task.  Trying to have grades 3 & 4 play at a different time than the grades 5 & 6 from the same community is virtually impossible.  
  7. Do teams have to play back to back?
    The tournament coordinators try to avoid this but sometimes there are requests to start after a certain time and/or finish by a certain time particularly for teams that have travelled a long distance.  Also, there can be an odd number of teams and one ends up playing 4 games–some see this as a problem while others see it as a bonus.