Steve Nash Youth Basketball Coordinator Information

Coordinators are the reason that children have this opportunity to participate in basketball.  We are very fortunate to have such a great group of volunteers making it all happen, thank you all for your time and dedication.

  • Community Coordinator
  • Q & A
  • Using the Database
  • Area Coordinator

Community Coordinator

It is not your responsibility to collect fees.  Reminders are sent to parents 15 & 30 days after registration and after that, they are contacted directly.  If you or the school are collecting fees, let us know so reminders are not sent.

Community Coordinator responsibilities include:

Provide community information
Each community will have a page on the website. Coordinators will complete a template with their specific information and then update it as information becomes available.  When complete, the page should be sent to  An initial page must be up on the website before flyers are handed out. Some of the information will not be known and can be updated as it becomes available and the document resent.    

There are instructions included right on the document.  If you have questions send an email to

Flyers distribution
A general flyer will be sent to you, usually with your equipment.  Ask the schools to distribute to the children. Please ensure that the community web page is up before distribution as it is referenced on the flyer.

For new communities, flyers will be distributed right after the phys-ed classes.

Book Practice Times
If possible, book gyms prior to registration so that parents know if their children are available and to eliminate questions at registration time.

When booking gyms, consider other activities taking place in the community and talk to returning coaches about their availability.  Some communities have a shortage of gym space and you may have to take what is available.

Most communities donate the gym time so that the cost of the program can be kept low.  If the gym must be paid for, send the invoice to your area coordinator for payment.

Recruit Coaches
If not enough coaches volunteer, contact parents, high school students and others in the community to get additional coaches.  The flyer that was sent home with the children requested parent volunteer to coach.

Coaches must register at in order to be insured.  

Create Team Rosters
The coordinator downloads a report from the registration database to make up teams and sends the information to the coaches so that they can contact their players.


  • Grade 1 & 2 do not participate in the tournament.
  • Grade 3 & 4 girls and boys play 3 on 3.
  • Grade 5 & 6 girls and boys play 4 on 4.

For help in preparing your rosters, refer to Creating rosters using excel and Online Database Instructions 

Distribute equipment
Player and coach equipment will be shipped via Coutts Courier. This is door to door service so you must provide an address that is open during business hours.

Sort and provide the equipment to the coaches for distribution to the players.

Hold on to extra equipment. Late registrations will need to come to you to get the equipment. If a player needs a different size, the original jersey must be returned to get a new one.

If you run out of equipment or need different sizes, contact your area coordinator and they’ll send you the equipment.

Have one of the coaches return any left over equipment to your area coordinator at the tournament. Make sure the equipment is in a bag or box and marked with your community

Closing Registration / Late Registration
Participants can register until it is closed.  If you choose not to close registration keep checking the database for those that register after you have provided the coaches their rosters.

If you didn’t provide a close date on your initial template and want to close your registrations, send an email providing the “date to close” to

If you want to accept a registration after it is closed – send an email with the child’s name that you have approved and the parents email address.  “z-Approved registration” will be opened  and parents notified on how to register.  When complete, the child will be move it to your community and “z-Approved registration” closed.

Registration fees will be refunded less a $5 admin charge provided the equipment is returned unused.  No refunds 3 weeks after start date.

Players requesting a refund, must return any equipment to you unused.  When you have the equipment, send an email to confirming that they do not have equipment.  After a refund is completed, the player will no longer appear on the player report.

If you cancel a division send an email to (copy your area coordinator) and a full refund will be sent to the players.

Provide support

(to parents, coaches and the program)

Answer Questions

Coaches and parents will have questions–answer those specific to your community and email any questions you can’t answer to  You will be copied on the reply.

If you find you’re asked the same question multiple times, email it to and it will be added to the Q & As on the website.   

Q & A

Many of these Q & As are the result of your feedback on last season’s survey.  More will be added as they come up they come up this season.
  1. How do I access the database?
    Refer to the Online Database Instructions.
  2. What if I lost my password?
    Send an email to 
  3. What do I do if there is an error on the database?
    If there is an error, send an email to  Errors that often occur are: parents registering their children in the wrong community, incorrect email addresses, entering the wrong gender or grade, and sometimes there are prank registrations (usually they have weird names and addresses that don’t exist and they will never be paid).
  1. What happens if  I can’t find coaches for a division?
    The program will not run for that division and anyone who has registered will receive a full refund. Please assure parents of this refund so that they’re not discouraged from registering.
  1. What do I do if a child has decided not to participate?
    The first step is to find out if they have received equipment.  If they have, they must return it unused to get a refund.  Send an email to with the name of the child and if they have not received or returned their equipment.  If they don’t have equipment and they make the decision before Feb 28th, they will receive a refund of the amount paid less $5.
  2. How many players should be on a team?
    It’s difficult to practice with 6 players so you might need to have the boys and girls practice together.

    • Grade 3 & 4 play 3 on 3 so they need 5 – 9 players. More than 9 can practice together and then have the coaches split them for the tournament.  If there are more than 18, split them for practices as well.
    • Grade 5 & 6 play 4 on 4 so they need 6 – 12 players. More than 12 can practice together and then have the coaches split them for the tournament.  If there are more than 18, split them for practices as well.
    • Grade 1 & 2 can be co-ed or split by gender or grade.  There is no minimum or maximum because they don’t participate in the tournament.  A coach shouldn’t be give more than 12 players to work with.
  3. What do I do if I don’t have enough players to make up a team?
    Contact your area coordinator and together you can make a decision to have the boys and girls practice together and then join another community for the tournament.  If you decide to cancel the division, let the parents know that they will be getting a refund and email and they will be provided a full refund.
  1. What should I do if the equipment I receive does not match the list that was provided?
    Send an email to listing the discrepancies.
  2. What if I need more equipment or different sizes?
    Contact your area coordinator–they have spares and if they don’t have what you need, they will contact the office to ship it to you?
  3. What should I do with the left over equipment?
    It should be given to one of the coaches to return to the area coordinator at the tournament.  Make sure your equipment is in a bag or a box and labeled with your community name.
  1. Why does it take so long to get schedules for the tournament?
    The area coordinators send an email to the coordinators to confirm how many teams in each division will participate in the tournament.  The longer it takes the coordinators to reply the later the schedule gets.  Making changes to the schedule is not only a lot of work but is confusing to the parents and coaches, so confirm with your coaches that their team will be participating and make sure they know the importance of finding out asap.  

Using the Database

Online registration is for players and coaches.  A password will be sent to you to access information for your community.
Online Database Instructions

Each coordinator is provided a password to view the information for their community.  This document explains how to access the data and explains the fields included in the database.

Create Rosters
Creating rosters using excel

This document has tips and tricks for easily creating roster for sending to the coaches so they can contact their players.

Email Messages to Coaches and Parents
The following messages are provided to keep you informed of what has been communicated to coaches and parents..

Email Messages to Coaches include:

  • Coach that didn’t choose to attend a clinic
  • Coach that chose to attend a clinic

Email Messages to Parents include:

  • Completion of registration
  • Payment Received through PayPal
  • Players paying offline full amount or final partial payment or KidSport
  • 15 & 30 day payment reminders

Area Coordinator

Area Coordinator responsibilities include:
Recruit & Support Community Coordinators
Each season, the area coordinators confirm returning community coordinators and find replacements for those that are not returning.  Send confirmation and new and/or updated contact information to

Questions & Guidance

Answer questions specific to your area and email any questions you can’t answer to  You will be copied on the reply.

If you find you’re asked the same question multiple times, email it to and it will be added to the Q & As on the website. 

Community coordinators will appreciate your help in determining how to find coaches, booking gym time, etc.

Montior Database

You are provided a password to view your area or single communities (see Instructions for accessing the database).  Things to watch for:

  • Not enough coaches: help the community coordinator find coaches or let them know that they need to remind their coaches to register online for insurance.
  • Not enough players in a division:  assist the community coordinator to combine the teams with other communities for the tournament or decide if a division should be eliminated and players refunded.
Provide input for  website
The following information is required at an area level for information templates, web pages & the registration system:

  • Tournament dates
  • Clinic Dates
Distribute equipment
You will receive a spreadsheet of the equipment that was shipped to each of the Community Coordinators in your area.

Area Coordinators receive spare equipment.  If a community coordinator needs additional equipment or different sizes for players or coaches, send it to them.  Bus is the cheapest and fastest transportation if it is available.  Track any additional equipment sent out.  Bus outlets generally stock bags that can hold a small amount of equipment and be shipped at a flat rate.  Get a few to save a on packing.

Unused equipment should be returned to you at the tournament–be sure to remind the coordinators prior to the tournament.  You should be able to tell if any equipment is missing based on the number of players in the community and what was sent to them.  The jerseys, balls and shoe bags are the most important.  If you are missing equipment, contact the community coordinator to see if they can locate it. 

Once unused equipment is collected, return it by bus to Marg Barr 306-539-3197.

Run Tournament
You are responsible for running the tournament in your area including:

  • Booking gym space
  • Confirming team attendance with the community coordinator
  • Combining communities if required
  • Scheduling – send to so that they can be put on the web site.
  • Finding Officials and letting them know the rules – you might use a scheduler that you would pay $200.  Officials are paid $20 per game.
  • If you want you can get gym supervisors which would be paid $10 an hour.
  • Set up and clean up of the gyms
  • Keeping things running on time
Pay expenses


Pay any expenses in your area.

Funding is provided in 2 payments:

  • $1000 in February to cover costs during the season.
  • $3000 in April for the cost associated with the tournament.

Keep a log of all spending and the receipts/invoices.  Some examples include:

  • Lunch at the coaches clinics
  • Gym costs
  • Ref costs – create an invoice for the payment of the refs and scheduler, an example can be sent to you.
  • Shipping costs

Submit them to Marg as soon as possible after your tournament. When the receipts/log have been received and confirmed, outstanding payments will be made.