Membership Assistance Program (MAP)

Program Purpose

The purpose of MAP is to provide financial assistance to the membership organizations, leagues, clubs and teams of Basketball Saskatchewan Inc. (BSI) to assist in the development of basketball as a healthy lifestyle choice for all ages.  Funding to support MAP is provided through the Saskatchewan Lotteries Trust Fund and derived from the sale of lottery tickets in Saskatchewan.

Program Goals

  • Provide affordable opportunities for all ages in rural and urban to participate in basketball leagues, programs and clinics.
  • Develop a broad participation and competitive base at all ages.
  • Ensure an equal opportunity for all people rich or poor, male or female, young or old, and of all ethnic backgrounds to participate in basketball programs.


Teams, leagues, clubs or affiliated associations who are members in good standing with BSI are eligible to receive funding assistance.

To receive the grant money, a MAP Follow-up Report must be completed with all verifying receipts attached.

For complete details, see the MAP Policy and Procedures.