SNYB/Jr. NBA Registration

To register, go to the Online Registration site and click ‘Register’ under your area.

If you register after the equipment order date, you will not receive equipment for the start of the program.

Please register early to provide time to set up teams, book gyms, attend NCCP clinics, etc.

  • Payment & KidSport Application
  • Refund Policy
  • Q&As

Payment & KidSport Application

When your payment is complete, your receipt will be emailed in a link.
There are 4 options for payment when you register.

1. Pay Online
Go to (you will need your player ID).
To pay with your PayPal account, select ‘Pay with PayPal Account’
To pay with a credit card, select ‘Don’t have a PayPal Account’ and complete the required information.
2. Pay by eTranfer
Email  amount owing by e-transfer to
You must include the players first and last name in the message field.
If your bank requires security information use:
Security question: What sport?
Answer: basketball
3. Send a cheque or money order to Steve Nash Youth Basketball (SNYB)
Mail to:
4219 19th Ave.
Regina, SK   S4S 0E5
4. Apply for KidSport
During registration, check the ‘Yes’ box to apply for KidSport.
Note: If you checked ‘no’ during registration but would still like to apply for KidSport, send an email to identifying the player name, participating community and that you are applying for KidSport. Complete the application immediately:

  1. Go to
  2. Select ‘Find a Chapter’ and click on your chapter (if your community isn’t listed click on Saskatchewan)
  3. Select ‘Apply for Assistance’. On the application, complete the Sport Information section as follows:
    Sport Organization/Club: Steve Nash Youth Basketball
    Contact: Marg Barr
    Mailing Address:4219 19th Ave.
    City: Regina  Postal Code:S4S 0E5
    Phone:306 539-3197
    KidSport questions can be answered by your KidSport chapter.

If you have any other questions about payments, email

Refund Policy

The cost of the program is $70 per player.

  • Registration fees will be refunded less a $5 Administration Charge provided equipment is returned unused.
  • No refunds 3 weeks after start date.


  1. How does KidSport work and where does the cheque get sent?
    Parents complete and send an application to KidSport.  The KidSport committee determines if the application is accepted or denied.  If it is accepted, the cheque is sent directly to SNYB.  Upon receipt of the payment, parents receive an email that their fees have been paid and a link is provided to the receipt.
  2. If I didn’t select KidSport when I registered, can I still apply?
    Send an email to SNYB to let us know you are applying for KidSport and submit your application immediately.
  3. Why do grade 1 & 2’s pay the same as the others but don’t participate in the tournament?
    The tournament is paid for by a grant.  The $60 fee covers the cost of equipment, BSI Membership (insurance), banking costs, administration costs and misc items.
  4. Can I make payment for more than one child in a single transaction?
    If paying by:

    • Credit Card – No
    • Email Transfer – transfer full amount and list multiple children in the message field.
    • Cheque – make out cheque for full amount and note all children on the cheque memo
  5. My children were enrolled in SNYB last year and already have jerseys, basketballs, and shoe bags so can’t we reuse these and reduce the registration fees?
    It may seem reasonable but would be very difficult to manage, and the cost saving would be minimal for the following reasons:

    • Equipment must be purchased in packages from Canada Basketball. If only a ball is needed but not a jersey, the entire package must still be paid for.
    • There are over 2300 players in SNYB and with the possibility of each having different equipment needs, prices would have to vary for each combination.
    • It’s also a concern that people would select no equipment to save money and then kids wouldn’t have a ball or jersey for practice and the tournament.

    We believe the price of the program is very reasonable and suggest donating extra equipment.